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MCLA cruises take place every Friday at 10pm UK (5pm ET)
GT5 cruises take place every Saturday at 10pm UK (5pm ET)

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 Jaguar XJ13 Chromeline

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PostSubject: Jaguar XJ13 Chromeline   Sat Nov 19, 2011 8:38 pm

The Jaguar XJ13 Chromeline is still available. Unfortunately though it is for european GT5 owners only.
Firstly. U must have a Facebook account. In the the search bar put in GT5 Take it to the track. Theres 3 races u can do. Personally i did Golden lap. Its just a lap round Tokyo in an SLS and u get asked to perform tasks, like choosing the fastest line. U don't drive urself. Do this 4 times. After each race choose a Grudge from those listed. 3 Grudges unlocks a suit, but the codes don't seem to be valid anymore. 4 Grudges will unlock the jaguar. To check ur progress go to GT5 Profile tab at the top. On the right it'll say wot u unlocked. This is where the codes show up. Copy them down then go to PS Store on ur PS3. Enter code and it should unlock.
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Jaguar XJ13 Chromeline
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